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Discover how to create the smooth running, profitable, multimillion-dollar contracting business you really want.

Achieve Consistent Growth.

When you crossed the million-dollar threshold, you reached a new level in your business with new challenges and new success requirements. You need new strategies and management skills to sustain a growing, profitable multimillion dollar business and a balanced life. If you don’t change, your business will plateau soon, if it hasn’t already.

While some owners use pure willpower and long hours to force growth and delay the plateau (for a while), to achieve consistent profitable growth you need to rethink and retool how you run your business.

At Springboard we only work with multimillion dollar contracting businesses. We know what causes businesses like yours to plateau and we can help you apply that knowledge to create consistent profitable growth, all while reducing the burden on you so you can enjoy your business and life!

Realize Strong Profits

Do you feel like you have huge untapped potential in your business that you just can’t seem to harness? The complexity of running a multimillion dollar contracting business is huge. With so many competing priorities, customer and employee needs and moving parts for you to manage, it’s hard to do an effective job of ensuring that all possible dollars flow to the bottom line.

Through our experience with other multimillion dollar businesses, we have identified key areas where profit leaks out of your business and we can help you plug these profit leaks so that you can realize strong profits again.

Finally, A Business that Runs Itself!

As your business has grown, it has slowly, but surely required more and more. More money, more employees, more of your precious time. The list is endless. Right?

Wouldn’t you love to have a business that runs without your constant attention? A business that gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want, rather than fighting fires or dealing with employee and customer problems and working late into the night?

No matter what your current situation is, we will work with you to create the growing, profitable business that runs itself that you really want. It’s time to start enjoying your business and life again!

We Can Help You Harness the
Full Potential of Your Business.

Hi, I’m Bill Silverman, Contractor Business Coach of Springboard. I help dedicated contractors with businesses larger than $1 million who want to up their game, become great business owners, and create businesses they’re really proud of.

Here’s How We’ve Helped Other Businesses.

Since working with Bill we have gone from losing money to a 6-figure profit and our business has grown more than 20%. It’s incredible. Working with Bill has been a great investment.

Bill’s tools and techniques reduced the struggle and helped me get and retain new customers. While working with Bill, my sales increased 40%, even though the price wars were brutal.

Bill’s constant guidance and insight has helped us make decisions that were instrumental in greatly improving our business and making us happier more fulfilled people.

-Rick Holtz, HJ Holtz and Son Painting

-Warren Hoffman, Hoffman Interior Painting

-Chelsea Cleary, United Security

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