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Actionable Business Building Information

As an expert in helping contractors like you build successful multimillion-dollar businesses, I love to share my knowledge whenever I get the chance. From writing articles to speaking at various industry events and webinars, my goal is to give you actionable advice that that you can use to improve your business and your life. It absolutely makes my day when someone emails me or comes up to me after an event to share how much they’ve learned or the ways I’ve opened their eyes.

Below is a selection of the articles I wrote and upcoming events where I will be speaking. Check out my blog for additional business building information.

Recent articles

The Three Phases of Business Growth
As published in the May 2013 American Painting Contractor

Use this Simple Technique Can Dramatically Improve Business Effectiveness

This 4 Letter Word Can Actually Help You Grow Your Business

Saying Yes to What Matters and No to the Rest

Contractor Resources

Here’s How We’ve Helped Other Businesses.

Since working with Bill we have gone from losing money to a 6-figure profit and our business has grown more than 20%. It’s incredible. Working with Bill has been a great investment.

Bill’s tools and techniques reduced the struggle and helped me get and retain new customers. While working with Bill, my sales increased 40%, even though the price wars were brutal.

Bill’s constant guidance and insight has helped us make decisions that were instrumental in greatly improving our business and making us happier more fulfilled people.

-Rick Holtz, HJ Holtz and Son Painting

-Warren Hoffman, Hoffman Interior Painting

-Chelsea Cleary, United Security